New Releases Available Now!!!

New Releases Available Now!!!

BourbonRabbi is proud to present multiple brand new releases.

First I would like to reintroduce the flagship BourbonRabbi bourbon.

Coming in at 115 proof this delicious bourbon drinks much lower than its proof

and is now in brand new beautiful packaging. Available here for $51.99

Next up is a brand new release! Bourbon aged in Honey barrels. These barrels held the bourbon for our single barrels,After aging up and being processed for the 115 release these barrels were filled with honey.After the honey aged in the barrels for more than four weeks it was drained and refilled with fresh bourbon.

The bourbon is available here for $51.99

The Honey is available here for $10 

Finally a release that is especially close to my heart. As you may know my Synagogue burnt down a few months ago. It was a devastating fire that destroyed the building well beyond repair. Happy Hour Liquor and Jews & Booze stepped up and partnered together in picking a barrel of bourbon to be sold to help raise funds for the rebuild. $18 from each bottle will be donated to the rebuild. This barrel is four years old and bottled and cask strength. The Bourbon is available here for $85 

Donations can be made here 

Plan on buying a variety? Check out these deals.BourbonRabbi 115 and BourbonRabbi Honey Cask Combo Pack for $100 

Want to try all three? BourbonRabbi 115, BourbonRabbi Honey Cask and The Charity Barrel Pick Tripack for $180. 

Don’t forget about the new merch available at 

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