Matts Meals

Matts Meals

While it may not be popular to discuss, the Jewish faith has given the world a lot of great things that are worth celebrating. From monotheism to carbon capture and Alphabet to Waze, the people of the book continue to enhance and improve life over and over again.

It makes you wonder what life would be like if anyone actually did boycott all the things the ancient Israelites and their descendants have spawned.

Fortunately, there is even an amazing drink to raise when showing gratitude for all of these gifts.

Created by Chabbad Rabbi Chaim Litvin, Bourbon Rabbi (Yes- you heard that right!) makes award-winning Bourbon that stands up to any in Kentucky.

As Litvin is an actual rabbi, he welcomes aged barrels but avoids dirty trucks that might be tainted with unkosher freight or unkosher business dealings. The result is a growing set of clean and satisfying sippers that are as delicious with caviar as they are with cholent.

Among the newest additions to the line are a sweet and spicy bourbon that is painstakingly but lovingly finished with honey and cinnamon and a rich and indulgent double-oaked set that has been aged for six years and bottled at cask strength for true connoisseur’s (like us!).

As a rabbi, Litvin is also happy to educate guests about his beloved Bourbon and why it is so important to celebrate every gift G-D has given us.


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