About Bourbon Rabbi

Kosher Bourbon's Foremost Expert

BourbonRabbi is a renown and respected kosher expert with nearly 2 decades in the Bourbon industry.

BourbonRabbi offers a wide variety of tours, tastings and lectures to complement it's ever growing line of premier bourbons. 

BourbonRabbi has been prominently featured in numerous publications, including the front page of The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the permanent bourbon exhibit at The Fraizer History and Arms Museum.

BourbonRabbi Bourbon

BourbonRabbi offers a wide range of quality bourbons and whiskeys including bourbon aged in kosher wine casks!

Beyond Bourbon and Whiskey, BourbonRabbi has released barrel aged honey, taken from the honey barrels in which our Honey Bourbon ages.

Bourbon Lectures, Tour and Tastings

Not sure what to do on the next team building event? Or maybe you are simply a person with fine taste looking for an adventure for the taste buds? Whichever it is, we are proud to introduce our range of events starting from Bourbon Tours to Tastings and Team Building Events! 

Whether you want an exclusive tour out in bourbon country, a private guided tasting for your bourbon club, an overview of the history of bourbon including details of the... Read more

What Our Clients Say

Rabbi-Shlomo Litvin

Awesome source for information about Kosher Bourbon and entertainment too!

Jan 30, 2023


7 Reviews

Lukas van der Walde

15 February 2024

15 February


My original order broke in transit, and then the company that handles the shipping dropped the ball on the replacement. This was *not* the fault of the Bourbon ...
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Michael Gothard

14 February 2024

14 February


Everything about Bourbon Rabbi is terrific! Once you've tasted it, your appreciation for other bourbon's is diminished, but that's alright too, because the orde...
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