The Bourbon List

This list is a work in progress. If you see a mistake or a missing item please reach out to let us know.

The actual process of making bourbon is in line with the laws of kosher.  However as in any food and beverage facility there are many complications aside from the raw materials that can render a finished product non-kosher. Some examples of those issues are added color or flavor into the final product, sharing equipment with products that have added color or flavor, shipping products for bottling or processing from one facility to another in non-kosher equipment, finishing a product in sherry or port casks and chometz sheavar alav hapesach. NOTE: We included some products that are made in the same facility or share equipment with bourbon.

Certified Kosher

10 Yr Henry McKenna Single Barrel – KLAS
12 Yr Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
18 Yr Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
21Yr Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
23 Yr Henry McKenna Single Barrel – KLAS
Baby Jane – OU
Bernheim Wheat Single Barrel –  KLAS
Bernheim Wheat Barrel Strength –  KLAS
Bespoke Gin Rye Barrel Finish – Rabbit Hole – KLAS
Black Dirt – Star K
Boondocks (All) – OU
Bootlegger21 Whiskey – OU
BourbonRabbi – CRC, KLAS
BourbonRabbi Cask Strength- CRC, KLAS
BourbonRabbi Honey Barrel- CRC, KLAS
Buffalo Trace – Kosher Bourbon Rye Recipe – cRc
Buffalo Trace – Kosher Bourbon Wheat Recipe – cRc
Buffalo Trace – Kosher Straight Rye – cRc
Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey – Star K
Cali Riptide Cask Strength Rye Whiskey – Star K
CALI Whiskey – Star K
Ch Distillery Straight Bourbon – cRc
Cody Road – cRc
Cody Road – Single Barrel Bourbon – cRc
Dead Drop – Pecan Whiskey OU
Heaven Hill Corn Whiskey, 125° – KLAS
Elijah Craig 12 Yr Barrel Strength  – KLAS
Elijah Craig 12 Program Barrels – KLAS
Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon – KLAS
Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
Fighting Cock 6 Yr 103° Single Barrels – KLAS
Henry McKenna 10yr Single Barrel – KLAS
Henry McKenna Single Barrel – KLAS
Heaven Hill Select Stock – KLAS
Jack Daniel’s – Gentleman Jack – OK
Jack Daniel’s Old No7 – OK
Jack Daniel’s – Old Number 27 – OK
Jack Daniel’s – Old Number 37 – OK
Jack Daniel’s – Single Barrel – OK
Jim Beam – Apple – OU
Jim Beam – Apple Liqueur with Bourbon – OU
Jim Beam – Honey – OU
Jim Beam – Hot Toddy with Bourbon – OU
Jim Beam – Kentucky Straight Rye – OU
Jim Beam – Kentucky Fire – OU
Jim Beam – Maple – OU
Jim Beam – Peach Liqueur Infused With Bourbon – OU
Jim Beam – Red Stag Black Cherry – OU
Jim Beam – Red Stag Hardcore Cider  – OU
Jim Beam – Red Stag Honey Tea – OU
Jim Beam – Red Stag Spiced – OU
Jim Beam – Vanilla Liqueur Infused With Bourbon – OU
Journeyman Distillery – Featherbone Bourbon – Kosher Organics
Kirsch Bourbon – OU
Knob Creek – Straight Rye Whisky – OU
Koval – OU
Law’s – Scroll-K
Lusty Claw Bourbon – KLAS
Lusty Claw Rye – KLAS
Liddel – Vodka – KLAS
Lion’s Pride – Bourbon – OU
Maker’s Mark – Mint Julep – OU
Michter’s US 1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon – OK
New Make Whiskey, 125° – KLAS
Old Haymarket Bourbon – KLAS (Kosher symbol must be present)
O.Z. Tyler Bourbon – KAY כשר KOSHER
Peerless Bourbon (Single Barrel, Small Batch, Double Oak) – KLAS
Peerless Rye (Single Barrel, Small Batch, Double Oak) – KLAS
Rabbit Hole – Boxergrail – KLAS
Rabbit Hole – Cavehill – KLAS
Rabbit Hole – Heigold – KLAS
Three Rangers – Organic Whiskey – OU
Traverse City Bourbon Port Finish – cRc
Wapsie Valley – OU
Widow Jane – OU
William Heavenhill – KLAS

Not Certified

The following products are produced in facilities that are not under hashgocha. While we know of no absolute reason that these are not kosher we do know there are many ways in which they could have become non-kosher. Therefore we can not guarantee their kosher status either.

1492 Bourbon 
Barrel Craft
Basil Hayden 
Beam’s Eight Star Blended Whiskey
Bib & Tucker
Black Maple Hill
Blue State Bourbon
Bond & Lillard Bourbon
Booker’s Bourbon and Rye
Boundry Oak
Bourbon de Luxe 
Bower Hill
Bulleit 10yr
Bulleit Bourbon
Bulleit Small Batch
Bulleit Rye
Rowans Creek
Cabin Still 
Castle & Key
Chapin & Gore 
Colonel’s Pride 
Daniel Stewart 
Devil’s Cut
Diversa’s 1888 Bourbon
Duke Bourbon
Echo Spring 
Eighteen 33
Fighting Cock 
Five Fathers Rye
Four Roses Single Barrel
Four Roses Small Batch
Four Roses Yellow Label
Georgia Moon
George Dickel
George Remus Rye
Hartfield & Co.
Highspire Rye
High West
Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey 
James E. Pepper
Jim Porter 
Johnny Drum
JSB Reserve Bourbon
JW Dant 
Kentucky Artisan Distillery
Kentucky Beau 
Kentucky Deluxe 
Kentucky Gold 
Kentucky Owl
Kentucky Pride
Kentucky Spirit 
Kentucky Supreme
Kessler Blended Whiskey 
Knob Creek Bourbon
Limestone Branch
Maker’s 46
Maker’s Mark
Mark Twin 
Martin Mills
Mattingly & Moore 
Mellow Corn
New Riff
Noah’s Mill
Old 1889 
Old Bardstown
Old Bourbon Hollow 
Old Crow 
Old Fitzgerald
Old Forester
Old Forester Signature
Old Grand-Dad 
Old Overholt Rye 
Old Pogue
Old Ripy
Old Tub 
Old Whiskey River (Alive Spirits) 
Parker’s Heritage Collection 
Pearse Lyons
Private Cellar 
Quality House 
Ray’s Reserve
Red State Bourbon (for the 2012 election) 
Rock Castle
Rocky Top Moonshine
Rowan’s Creek
Russel’s Reserve
Sam Clay 
Second Sight
Signature Craft
Smooth Ambler
Split Rock Shine
Sunny Brook Blended Whiskey
Tanner’s Curse
Three Boys Farm
Tom Sims 
Town Branch
Triple Smoke
TW Samuels 
W.M. Cove
Wade Lyn Ranch
Whiskey Row
Wild Turkey Bourbon
Wilderness Trail
Woodford Reserve
Yellow Rose of Texas 


The Following bourbons are known to have one or more of the issues listed above.

75 South
Albertson’s Bourbon & Blended Whiskey
American Honey Sting Woodford Reserve
Ancient Age
Angel’s Envy
Antique Collection
Atlantic Distillers
Bar Code
Beards Town
Big House Bourbon  
Blackened – Whiskey
Black Ridge 
Blood Oath
Buck Horn 
Buffalo Trace 
Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection 
C.B. Jackson 
Carstairs White Seal
Chestnut Farms 
Cinnamon Whisky High West
Clark and Sheffield
Clyde Mays – Alabama Style Whiskey
Colonel E.H. Taylor
Colonel Lee
Corner Creek
Distiller’s Masterpiece Jim Beam
Eagle Rare
Early Times
Elmer T Lee
Experimental Collection
FEW Spirits
Fire Eater
Flint Creek
Frosty Four Wood
George T. Stagg 
Gran Legacy Blended Whiskey 
Jack Daniel’s – Tennessee Fire
Jack Daniel’s – Tennessee Honey
Jack Daniel’s – Tennessee Tasters’
Jack Daniel’s – Winter Jack Tennesee Cider
Jeffers Creek 
Jethro T. Boots 
Jim Beam – Distiller’s Masterpiece
Jim Beam – Legent
Jim Beam – Signature Craft – Rare Spanish Brandy
John J. Bowman
Kelsey Creek 
Kentucky Dale Bourbon
Kentucky Dale Blended Whiskey
Kentucky Gentleman
Kentucky Tavern
Knob Creek – Smoked Maple
Legent Jim Beam
McAffee’s Benchmark
Midwinter Nights Dram Jim Beam
Military Special 
Mr. Boston 
Noble Oak
Old Charter 
Old Rip Van Winkle
Old Taylor
Old Thompson
Old Weller
Pappy Van Winkle
Point Rider
Rock Hill Farms
Rough Rider
Royale Club Blended Whiskey 
Samuel Grant
Sazerac and Thomas H. Handy Rye 
Selection – Barrel Reunion #1
Single Oak Project 
Slaughter House – American Whiskey
Smith Bowman
Smoked Maple Noble Oak
Stagg Jr.
Straight Edge
Sutton Club Blended Whiskey 
Ten High Bourbon
Texas Spirit
Thomas H. Handy
Tom Moore 
Trader Joe’s
Two Stars 
Van Winkle
Very Old Barton 
Virginia Gentleman
W L Weller
Walking Stick 
War Eagle
Wild Turkey – American Honey Sting
Winn-Dixie Liquors
Woodford Reserve – Frosty Four Wood
Zachariah Harris 
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