First Kosher Bourbon?

As Passover ended last week I was bombarded by friends and on social media questioning the same news story. “Buffalo Trace has released the first kosher bourbon!”

Apparently over the holiday, Buffalo Trace announced that working with a kosher agency out of Chicago, They had created the first ever kosher bourbon.

There was only one catch. The claim was bogus!!

There are dozens of kosher bourbons from several major brands. In fact, Buffalo Trace is the very last of the three largest distilleries to produce a kosher product!

The first kosher distillery was Heaven Hill, which has been working with Kentucky Kosher since the early ’90s. Harry and Max Shapira of Heaven Hill were innovators, who sought to make their product available to the Jewish community.

Today, ‘Kosher Liquor and Spirits’ or KLAS, the leading authority on kosher liquor, has supervised dozens of whiskeys as kosher including popular options like Evan Williams Black Label, Lusty Claw, and Elijah Craig.

Some companies exclusively make Kosher bourbon, like Peerless Distilling Company out of Louisville, whose bourbon has won multiple prestigious awards and is certified as kosher by KLAS.

I am delighted that Buffalo Trace has finally joined the rest of the bourbon world in having kosher products. While it’s a shame the vast majority of their products are not kosher, they are hardly the first company to have a kosher product. They’re just the first one to demand accolades for it.

Tasting Torah

What are you doing at 10pm Thursday night. I know there are so many options. There are sports games not being played and stores not being shopped at. Well, if you do find yourself with a few moments to cut out of your routine check this out. I will be hosting a live presentation called Tasting Torah! It will run for about 20 minutes and we will discuss insights into the weekly Torah portion and taste some fine bourbons. It’s BYOB and this week we are tasting Henry McKenna 10yr.

Congrats to Buffalo Trace and cRc!

Nearly 10 years in the making, Buffalo Trace has now come out with a Kosher bourbon and it “unofficially” uses the same mash bill as Pappy Van Winkle!!!

Here is a sneak peak at the label, check your local kosher liquor retailer for a bottle. (expected MSRP $40)

They are releasing a kosher rye as well! The three new bottles should be on shelves in late April.