The Bourbon Rabbi, Rabbi Chaim Litvin was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. After receiving his rabbinic ordination and completing multiple kosher programs, Litvin returned to his hometown. As a Chabad Rabbi in Louisville Kentucky he is responsible for holiday programing and outreach. Through his rabbinic work Litvin gained many contacts in the bourbon industry interested in kosher certification on their products.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe sent Rabbi Chaim Litvin’s father and family to Louisville almost 40 years ago for the purpose of spreading Judaism. Helping anyone that wants to know more, learn more or do more. About 45 years ago The Rebbe, Rabbi Schneerson started a campaign to enhance and encourage the observance of kosher. So it seemed to be a perfect fit.

As the bourbon market exploded and distilleries are growing by leaps and bounds making not only more products but a more diverse array of products kosher concerns are being raised. As a Kentucky native and kosher advocate and the only Rabbi in the state that works with many of the major kosher certifying agencies in the world it only made sense to pursue kosher certification for the bourbon industry. 

Rabbi Litvin now certifies and works with many bourbon distillers and travels throughout the country sharing his wealth of knowledge of bourbon and all that surrounds it. To book The Bourbon Rabbi chat via the Whattsapp icon on the screen or send an email to rabbi@bourbonrabbi.com.